Maenad from Dark Sun



Female Maenad from Dark Sun.

H: 6’3 W: 140lb Eyes:Jade Hair: Bald Age 26

Levels: 7; Rouge 3/Pyshonic Warrior 3/Elocator 1

Alignment: Originally NE; Now N


Majinda believed in her anger. While others were attempting to repress it she tied to learn to control her anger to her benefit. Though in reality this often got her in to trouble. She got into fights and eventually left home when she could no longer deal with her parents. She began to use people to make a life for herself and she loved it. Things were working out find for her until she got challenged. They said no one could get his tools. But she knew she could. She planned for weeks and paid off the whores. In the end she got the tools. She also got kicked out of town. AND with barely any food or water. Her parents always told her she was heading for the desert … she just never believed them.

She spent four years in the desert with a companion. Throughout trials became less evil. After leaving desert, met bard, worked for hire and generally wasted her time. Eventually worked for a evil party and realized what she use to be like and that she is no longer it.

Four Lvl gain from last session: Majinda disappears for three week, when she is back she will not see any of the other members of the party. Through bribery the other members can find out that she left the Inn but not where she went.


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