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Marcus's Slog: Athas Planet of Fricking Monsters
MutherFricking MONSTERS

Marcus’s First SLOG!

After our first adventure and news that Chisholm will continue to be detained, we set forward on our quest to get some crazy white Beast Skins to create some sort of magic item to fight on the desert planet with.

Just let me refraise, Athas Sucks, it is full of monsters and monsters and more monsters

we were attacked by water seeking bone rats, and six legged tigers, and halflings , cute lovable halflings with poison. Either way we have traded my Sword and the new person.

Oh yeah the new person, a too tall human with an anger issue who appears to have been in the past a thief, althought hopefully she has given up such cowardly pursuits. Her anger in battle is formidable but short sided, hopefully she is helpful in the future. Her name is Mojinda and was waylaid by the assassin we fought when we first convened here at the Inn.

So there we are trading our metal implements for these rare and valuable hides, when the Bard and Mojinda find out that if we escort a small trade envoy to our Pterran Cleric’s Hometown of Lost Scale we could get the remainder of the skins that we need.

This is where we encountered the treasonous halflings, after Killing close to thrice our number and halflings they buggered off, leaving us on our way to lostscale in peace.

At lost scale, we saw the Pterran village, which was pretty reasonable for a village full of the dragon kind. I think these beasts… no people must have originated from lesser dragons or drakes of some sort from their appearance. Anyway I fixed some broken statue you know just to exercise the old Family Secret and something happened. its whole but glowing and I apparently gained something akin to apostle or saint status in the eyes of the elders, who offered to use powerful magic to send us back to Tyr, where we started quickly. Not wanting to rush our pterran cleric, we offered to defeat a earth drake of some sort that was harrowing the village and nearby land. They have me some kind of ceremonial sword and some magical oils and let us on our way.

The Earth “Drake” as it turns out, was really some sort of evil elemental monster (You guessed it) Between the oils and the ceremonial sword I managed to best the thing in combat, with the aid of my friends i guess i could say.

Turns out the drake was full of gems, Topaz’s and Star Sapphires that we took as our fair spoils , giving the rest to the village to help offset the lost of the oils and other inconveniences.

Returning was quick and unmolested by monsters (thankfully), But I must think that this is what the fates had in store for me, my Family Birthright has expanded in a unexpected development. I feel a lot older then when I came here to tell you the truth and I think I must make up with my uncle. Our House needs to be restored not divided if we are to withstand the upcoming apocalypse that Chisholm’s mistress warns of and if you can’t start with your own family who can you start with.

So I’ve made previsions to return to Sharn for a While, and find my uncle and go make amends with Merrix. I’m sure the expanded family resemblence will help smooth over any hard feelings, and I’m still far better liked in the family then either of them. I’ll be gone for a while, so I wont be going on the next adventure but I’ll keep everyone updated with my SLOG!

Marcus's Slog(Shard Log) Post 1
We've Arrived and My Foot is Missing.

Boy the wonders of magic never cease, how this little shard can hold hundreads of pages of information is something that doesn’t quite fit in my head, but is quite nifty for holding my thoughts.

About a fort Knight ago (pun Haha), I received a vistitor in my dream one a certain planar bridging puppet_Content Not Found: Chisholm_! While the offer of work was certainly a refreshment from my usual dreams of obscurity and poverty but freedom from the house, this was no ordinary dream! I awoke with a inventation in my hand listing a woman’s name , a place to meet her, and the promise that no permenant decision need be made for 3 months.

With my family hot on my heels I left for all places the mournlands using the last of my cash from a sold bottle of charisma to hire a mercenary from House Deneith. I should have taken more heed of her, she bore a scar across her face from her previous expedition to the Mournlands and would not enter.

Entering the Mournlands a strange beast started stalking me almost Immediately, Putting Boot to flagstone I quickly dove for the door! But not before the beast severed my leg. Legless I slumpt into the floor of the foxburn in , and passed out.

I awoke several days later with all my belongings and surprisingly my leg! My Leg was not the same however, a Kybershard was implanted where my knee used to be and bound with a small elemental which then was replaced with a clear crystal substitute, but with all the sensation and strength of the orignal. Wonder of Wonders it is truely amazing to see, althought the crystal has darkened, the doctors have said something about the beasts saliva turning things into darkstone, but whatever my leg is better than new and I’m adventuring again Hurrah.

Althought I must say my adventuring companions are not who I imagined, a divine spellcaster who is afraid of water but very proficient in earth ( I imagine he’s a druid or a priest of earth or dryness or something of the likee), A Pterran cleric of the earth mother, a quite and tactiturn chap but seemingly helpful and moral , althought his face gives quite a fright. I suspect that they Call the Silver Flame the earth mother where they come from… The Third Chap is some sort of Singing Magic Using bard, althought apparently both are from some dark place, a dark continent maybe? I’m not sure if i believe this “other planet” story yet.

The Adventure itself was short and grueling, several days spent carrening about the basement of this inn, althought apparently their basement is a field of some kind. This place has wonders that put old metrol to shame. I suspect that this place was created by a bunch of war dodgers during the last war sometime, but I must admit I cannot compleign. I only hope that my companions were not serious about injuring or otherwise hurting that poor sniveling whelp of a beast…

Wow ... that is not how I would have done it ...
1st session

Since this idea of a multi-DM game began there have been a lot of suggestions on how to get the characters from two different worlds together. I hating two ways of starting a game, you are thrown in jail w\out kit and random circumstance, and wanted to aviod them like the plauge. So enters the INTERPLANNAL INN.

Foxburn Inn is actually taken from a previous game where a character of mine did make an Inn that had multiple entrance all over the world. A little tweaking and POOF we have a Interplannal Inn. Also an easy go between place for rest and movement between worlds.

So then I just needed a reason. The imminent destruction of your world or another catastrophe is always a good reason to get people together. But I could not have a bog powerful person or organization right off, plus other DM’s will be coming in so having it all planned out would not work. Enter the ‘Mistress’ who can not get to either world.

Of course she needs a means of communication. But not everyone should be able to do this, not even a dragonking. In comes the random magical puppet that is able to jump into ppl’s dreams. Creepy too, which was nice.

But to get ppl into the idea that things are wrong there needed to be a taste of the BBED. Hence the entry of the mysterious monster in the pre-quest. It helps that is seriously injured one of the players so that he had to get a wicked crystal leg.

I wanted the rest of 1st session, where there were many introductions going on, to be simple, fun and classic. In comes the rat infestation. Off the players go to save the day.

This being a interplannal Inn they have crazy amounts of space and do the way to the cellar was not typical. The found a typical storage room (with two active copper golems shaped like dragons), sewer (w\ a fire giant stuck in the middel and a puzzle to solve), an electrical room (Which was a huge field that Bluespaw lived in. They where the power generators. Oh, and they clobbered some goblins.) and finally a magical room of experimentation with a dire rat/copperspawn hybred to fight.

Needless to say it was an ammmusing game which I hope the player enjoyed as much at I did.

Welcome to the beginning of the beginning ...

As a start to the game I (Belladonna), as the 1st DM, took it upon myself to find an inventive means to engage the players in the game. Hence the development of the pre-quest. This was to take place before the first game to get the player and the character involved. The pre-quest story line had a number of similar elements, which will be listed below. My Fav part of the pre-quest was I got to gauge how each player played the game and the general demeanor of the PC before game time.

Pre-quest Overview: ~ Mysterious visit from a humanoid puppet in PC’s dreams. ~ Given documents from employer; 1 contract of employment for three months and 1 personally written note. ~ Travel to meeting point. ~ Meeting Mysterious Monster ~ Arrival at Foxburn Inn.

I greatly enjoyed doing the pre-quest with the players. I tried to balance creep, scracy, and mysterious, which I think turned out better in certain situations then others. I did this with some player over e-mail and other in person with other players there. I think e-mail worked much better.

Another aspect that I really enjoyed was the fact that each PC ended up beginning the game with different information, depending on how they acted in the pre-quest. This left it so that the players have to discuss the pre-quest to find out. This worked out in terms of the monsters but there is still some more info sharing if they want to pick up on some of the other part of the pre-quest.

All in all I think the pre-quest was a great way to start the game. And everyone should put a comment on how much they loved or hated it =)


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