Marcus the knight who fights all night.


A Human Knight 6/Dragonmarked Heir 1

AC 21+ HP 76

Good Save: All (Fort 8, Ref 6, Will 9)

Ethical Position: Teleological Theology. Evil Will be Defeated therefore be on the side of right and be good. The Fact that Might makes right helps.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Currently on a Side Trip to make amends with his House and Family.

Lesser Dragonmark of Making, 1/Day Minor Creation Clvl7 3/Day Make Whole Clvl7 1/Day Shadow Touch (4d6 [Max 5]Non Lethal + Fort DC 18 or Fatigued [from leg])

Dragonmark of the Dauntless Immune Daze, Stun and Remove from allies as Standard Action

Nightborn Mark +1 to d20 at night (while not underground)

Favoured in House Cannith I get favours every so often from friends and amily

House Status +1 +1 to cha checks/Skillss with House Cannith


A human knight, Marcus D’Cannith grew up in Thrane, enamored by stories of heroic knights and their epic deeds Marcus attempts to be a hero worthy enough to join with the Silver Flame when he Dies. Currently visiting and reintegrating with his family.


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