choisuhem III

Puppet Bridger


Third Bridger known to the exsistance of the universe. Bridgers are able to move between planets using the planes. This has been unmanageable by others on different races. They appear at times of need. Means of travel is through the planes that interconnect the worlds. Bridges means of travel change as they age, which is at a supernatural speed (longest known lifespan is 2.5 years.) At first they travel through dreams, then through telepathic msg and finally physically. They can not move other people through the plane. As a Bridger ages they become appear more realistic, though upon closer inspection the lines of there joints are noticeable.

Works for Bliaugh Soiruels Bhusejt Jiwmejn

Appeared to each of the players in their dream in pre-quest.

choisuhem III

To Many Dm's Belladonna