To Many Dm's

Marcus's Slog(Shard Log) Post 1

We've Arrived and My Foot is Missing.

Boy the wonders of magic never cease, how this little shard can hold hundreads of pages of information is something that doesn’t quite fit in my head, but is quite nifty for holding my thoughts.

About a fort Knight ago (pun Haha), I received a vistitor in my dream one a certain planar bridging puppet_Content Not Found: Chisholm_! While the offer of work was certainly a refreshment from my usual dreams of obscurity and poverty but freedom from the house, this was no ordinary dream! I awoke with a inventation in my hand listing a woman’s name , a place to meet her, and the promise that no permenant decision need be made for 3 months.

With my family hot on my heels I left for all places the mournlands using the last of my cash from a sold bottle of charisma to hire a mercenary from House Deneith. I should have taken more heed of her, she bore a scar across her face from her previous expedition to the Mournlands and would not enter.

Entering the Mournlands a strange beast started stalking me almost Immediately, Putting Boot to flagstone I quickly dove for the door! But not before the beast severed my leg. Legless I slumpt into the floor of the foxburn in , and passed out.

I awoke several days later with all my belongings and surprisingly my leg! My Leg was not the same however, a Kybershard was implanted where my knee used to be and bound with a small elemental which then was replaced with a clear crystal substitute, but with all the sensation and strength of the orignal. Wonder of Wonders it is truely amazing to see, althought the crystal has darkened, the doctors have said something about the beasts saliva turning things into darkstone, but whatever my leg is better than new and I’m adventuring again Hurrah.

Althought I must say my adventuring companions are not who I imagined, a divine spellcaster who is afraid of water but very proficient in earth ( I imagine he’s a druid or a priest of earth or dryness or something of the likee), A Pterran cleric of the earth mother, a quite and tactiturn chap but seemingly helpful and moral , althought his face gives quite a fright. I suspect that they Call the Silver Flame the earth mother where they come from… The Third Chap is some sort of Singing Magic Using bard, althought apparently both are from some dark place, a dark continent maybe? I’m not sure if i believe this “other planet” story yet.

The Adventure itself was short and grueling, several days spent carrening about the basement of this inn, althought apparently their basement is a field of some kind. This place has wonders that put old metrol to shame. I suspect that this place was created by a bunch of war dodgers during the last war sometime, but I must admit I cannot compleign. I only hope that my companions were not serious about injuring or otherwise hurting that poor sniveling whelp of a beast…



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