To Many Dm's

Wow ... that is not how I would have done it ...

1st session

Since this idea of a multi-DM game began there have been a lot of suggestions on how to get the characters from two different worlds together. I hating two ways of starting a game, you are thrown in jail w\out kit and random circumstance, and wanted to aviod them like the plauge. So enters the INTERPLANNAL INN.

Foxburn Inn is actually taken from a previous game where a character of mine did make an Inn that had multiple entrance all over the world. A little tweaking and POOF we have a Interplannal Inn. Also an easy go between place for rest and movement between worlds.

So then I just needed a reason. The imminent destruction of your world or another catastrophe is always a good reason to get people together. But I could not have a bog powerful person or organization right off, plus other DM’s will be coming in so having it all planned out would not work. Enter the ‘Mistress’ who can not get to either world.

Of course she needs a means of communication. But not everyone should be able to do this, not even a dragonking. In comes the random magical puppet that is able to jump into ppl’s dreams. Creepy too, which was nice.

But to get ppl into the idea that things are wrong there needed to be a taste of the BBED. Hence the entry of the mysterious monster in the pre-quest. It helps that is seriously injured one of the players so that he had to get a wicked crystal leg.

I wanted the rest of 1st session, where there were many introductions going on, to be simple, fun and classic. In comes the rat infestation. Off the players go to save the day.

This being a interplannal Inn they have crazy amounts of space and do the way to the cellar was not typical. The found a typical storage room (with two active copper golems shaped like dragons), sewer (w\ a fire giant stuck in the middel and a puzzle to solve), an electrical room (Which was a huge field that Bluespaw lived in. They where the power generators. Oh, and they clobbered some goblins.) and finally a magical room of experimentation with a dire rat/copperspawn hybred to fight.

Needless to say it was an ammmusing game which I hope the player enjoyed as much at I did.



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